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St Vincent and The Grenadines

St Vincent and The Grenadines are a small group of 32 islands and Cays lying in the shape of a kite tail, covering 389 square kilometres and lying approximately one hundred miles west of Barbados.

They are an island chain in the south of the Caribbean Sea. White sand beaches on deserted islands, sky-blue water, untouched by tourists with barely a soul around.

Whilst each island is uniquely different, between them they present an array of green wooded hillsides, turquoise clear waters, beautiful golden beaches, excellent diving, friendly people and stunning scenery. Every island has it's own charm, character and activities and is a short, carefree sail from our home port of Bequia.

Just Amazing

"Both of the villas are absolutely beautiful, lovely furnishing and everything that one would want for a great stay. Pool was adorable with fabulous views which we never tired of. The villas are about a 10 minute walk from town and a bit further to the beach, however local taxis are very cheap and could not do enough to help. Local beaches are beautiful and always somewhere to eat and drink. Cannot recommend this enough - loved it."

Crissyonline, Rochford, United Kingdom

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st vincentSt. Vincent

Known by the Craibs as Hairoun (Land of the Blessed), St Vincent is the largest in the group and is home to the capital Kingstown. This lively, busy, bustling town has cobbled streets and a colonial feel about it with the locals rushing about to the shops, work and the colourful markets. There is plenty to see in St Vincent. You can explore the amazing heights of La Soufrie volcano which is 3,000ft high, swim in the blue lagoon at Salt Pond, take a trip to the wonderful waterfalls of Baline and Trinity.

It is possible to visit several filming locations and sets from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' as well as the luscious Mesapotamia Valley. Explore the oldest Botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere where you'll find a direct descendant of the breadfruit tree bought to the Caribbean by Captain Bligh or just enjoy a deserted anchorage and take a walk into the rainforest.

st vincentMustique

With it's rich and famous residents list and elegant stately villa's, the island of Mustique has an air of sophistication.

The island of Mustique covers 1400 acres. With it's beautiful beaches, seclusion and stunning lush hillsides, it is an island not to be missed. Take an island tour by taxi, golf cart or even horseback. Macaron Beach on the east coast is half a mile of pure white sand and turquoise sea, surely one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

The famous Basil's Bar is a must, enjoy a cocktail on the deck or stay for the Jump-Up on a Wednesday and Sunday night and the ambience of the Firefly restuarant with it's grand piano and two freshwater pools is pure indulgence.

Or take afternoon tea at the Cotton House, a 19th Century sugar and cotton plantation, this grand hotel is an idyllic place.

st vincentCanouan

Carib for 'Island of Turtles' , Canouan is only 3 square miles. The former sleepy old world charm is now shared with the luxurious Raffle's resort that features a casino and 18 hole golf course.

The local town of Charleston has several small shops and a handful of resturants and bars.

A barrier reef runs along the Atlantic side of the island and there are spectacular beaches, great views and lovely walks almost everywhere.

Enjoy exploring this one-time island of farmers and fisherman.

st vincentTobago Cay's

The Tobago Cay's must be one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean. This stunning horseshoe reef is the world's third largest in the world and  is also a National Marine Park.

The Cay's have an astounding array of marine life. Snorkel with turtles, or dive the mulicoloured reef  with it's vibrant colourful fish. Take a stroll on one of the many white sand deserted islands or simply lie under the shade of a palm tree.

This is the perfect tropical paradise.

st vincentMayreau

The island of Mayreau has one of the prettiest anchorages in the Grenadines, the exquisite, sweeping, white sand bay of Salt Whistle. Here you can snorkel the two reefs or enjoy a drink under the palm trees in the 'resort', which consits of a dozen cottages and a resturant with the tables made from stone and the restuarants floor is the sand.

Take a walk up the hill into the town, where you will find local bars, shops and resturants and stunning views of Tobago Cay's and the surrounding islands.

Mayreau has no airport, only a few cars and only got electricity a few years ago. It's an unspoilt,uncrowded, captivating island.

st vincentPalm Island

Palm Island is so called after it's hundreds of swaying palm trees.

This private resort island of 128 acres with three quarter's of the island being surrounded by reef. The island  can only be reached by boat and has four beaches, a resturant and a bar and is a perfect tranquill place for peace and quiet.

st vincentUnion Island

This island of 13 square miles with it's dramatic peaks and landscape is located midway between St Vincent and Grenada.

Newlands Reef surrounds Cliftown Harbour which is the main, small but busy port. From here take a stroll into town, there is one main street where you will find plenty of bars and delicious resturants, along with the colourful fruit market stalls and local crafts.

You will find good snorkelling on Lagoon Reef which protects most of the southern coast of the island. Or head to Bloody Bay at the Northwest of the island with it's long sandy beach. Or if you are feeling a bit more enerjetic, Big-Sands is a cresent shaped beach on the east coast which is and ideal spot for surfing.

Not to be missed is a drink at 'Happy Island'. An island made of conch shells by a local man called Janty who decided to build himself an island. He has a well stocked bar and everyone is welcome.

st vincentPetit St Vincent

Known locally as PSV. This privately owned island is 113 acres in size and has two miles of white sand beaches, which are surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

The waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing and kayaking.

There is no airport, no telephones and no televisions on the island which makes it a very private, untouched island.

st vincentMopion

This tiny island of pure white sand,surroundred by reef is no more than 50ft long and is pure paradise.

Relax on the sand, have a swim in the warm, tuquoise water or go snorkelling. This is an amazing snorkelling spot with a huge array of marine life.

With just one palm umbrella placed in the sand, this is the ultimate desert island.

The breathtaking islands that make up St Vincent and The Grenadines provide a beautiful backdrop for a perfect vacation.